I have seen how a quality education and early introduction of core values – hard-work, determination and resilience – can place our youth on a path to success. Academic rigor, high standards and a well-rounded education are essential to creating equal opportunity for all Virginians. Under Democratic leadership, Virginia lost its way – undermining merit, dismissing the role of parents and putting special interests before students.

My top priority will be ensuring Fredericksburg families are empowered in making the best decisions for their child, and that our public schools have the full funding to retain staff and the resources to all equip students with a world-class education.

In Richmond, I will work with Governor Youngkin and legislators on both sides of the aisle to ensure that the rights of parents and the work of teachers are respected. Families also deserve complete assurance that their children are safe in school – safe from external threats as well as from political ideologies pushed in the classroom or explicit content in libraries. It’s time to get back to the basics and help our students once again excel in math and reading.

Law & Order

During my decades in law enforcement, I’ve seen the profession evolve to better protect those we swear and oath to serve. I have also seen a disturbing shift in political rhetoric – and public policy – that prevents police from doing our jobs and makes all of us less safe. I’ve seen firsthand how politicians can incite lawlessness and put the lives of our brave men and women in blue at greater risk. Our communities deserve better.

Building earnest relationships with community partners and neighbors of all backgrounds is the foundation for public safety. I have led efforts to reduce recidivism and reform our juvenile justice system while reinforcing Stafford’s reputation as offering no haven to lawbreakers. Law and order and a safe public square should be the standard, not the exception.

Governor Youngkin and Attorney General Miyares are working to restore law and order and boost investment in law enforcement. They need reinforcements in Richmond, and I will put my decades of experience in law enforcement to work to ensure our local agencies have the personnel, training and tools to combat rising crime and make our cities safe to raise a family.

Mental Health

There’s no way around it – our Commonwealth is facing a mental health crisis, particularly amongst our youth, that must be meaningfully addressed if we hope to restore the true Spirit of Virginia. Its impact is far-reaching – public safety, our education system, and economic opportunity are affected by a crisis that can no longer be ignored by elected leaders.

Governor Youngkin’s behavioral health care initiatives are a strong start to bridging the gap, and I look forward to working with this administration to continue investing in Crisis Receiving Centers and ensure those facing mental health and substance abuse challenges have access points to life-saving treatments.

Jobs & the Economy

To allow Virginia’s economy to thrive, we need elected officials who understand that money is spent better by taxpayers in their own communities than by bureaucrats in Richmond. With a record budget surplus and families still feeling the sting of inflation, Virginians deserve a break. As your Delegate, I will get to work to reduce the tax burden, pass responsible budgets and promote policies that bring more good-paying jobs to our region.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, and I will be a champion for the Virginia job creators who help put food on the table and strengthen our communities.


Fredericksburg families face the failures of our transportation system every day – preventing us from getting to work and picking up our kids from school. Increased traffic from I-95 congestion is not just an inconvenience, it’s a threat to public safety. I have experienced firsthand how transportation issues impact our community, and will bring that perspective to Richmond to develop long-term solutions.

My priority will always be the 65th District, and I will fight for critical project funding in our region – not send our tax dollars to Hampton Roads.