Meet Lee

Service is Lee Peters’ story.

Born in the Midwest to a middle class family, service before self was instilled in Lee at a young age, shaping the course of his life. Lee’s father worked his way through the ranks of law enforcement and became one of Ohio’s first black highway patrol officers in 1964.

At 18, Lee joined the United States Marine Corps.

Lee’s daughter was born at Marine Corps Base Camp LeJeune, and shortly after, Lee moved to Stafford County. A single father, Lee has lived the challenges of working families, and relied on the strength of community to make ends meet and provide opportunity for his daughter.

After 12 years in the Marine Corps, Lee followed in his father’s footsteps and entered  the field of law enforcement – joining the local law enforcement in 2004. Peters’ career in law enforcement has spanned from routine field patrol, traffic safety, to emergency communications and administrative services.

Peters oversees programs such as Juvenile Services and the Crime Prevention Unit, working directly with community stakeholders to ensure law and order is upheld and reduce recidivism for early offenders.

In addition to law enforcement civic engagement efforts, Lee has remained active in the greater Fredericksburg community. He serves on the board of Ellie’s Elves, a local non-profit that provides support for families facing illness or traumatic events.

Lee has also earned the title of coach – mentoring youth in athletics and applying themselves to reach their potential.

His proudest achievement in his career was earning the United States Armed Forces Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal for the extent of his commitment and contributions to community service efforts.

Why I'm Running

Protecting and serving Virginia families has always been my mission.

In the Marine Corps and in law enforcement, there isn’t room for partisan politics. Keeping our neighborhoods safe and delivering for those we serve is our only priority – and those are the principles that have defined my life and career in Stafford County.

Like so many of my neighbors, I have witnessed the divisiveness and partisanship in Richmond make our government less effective and less responsive to the basic needs of the people. Disrespect for and disinvestment in law enforcement yielded more crime and unsafe streets. Higher taxes and bad policies yielded fewer jobs and a weaker economy. Lower standards in education yielded a generation of students left behind.

Governor Youngkin and new leaders in the House of Delegates have made great strides in restoring the spirit of our Commonwealth, but there is more work to be done.

After 18 years in local law enforcement, I have decided to run for the House of Delegates in the new 65th District. The Fredericksburg community is more than just my home – it helped raise my daughter as a single dad. It gave me the opportunity to serve my neighbors and mentor our next generation.

With the challenges confronting our Commonwealth – learning loss and low standards in school, a rise in lawlessness and an escalating mental health crisis – it will take serious leadership in Richmond to deliver real results, not rhetoric. Recycling the same extreme, partisan politicians will not meet those challenges. I am running for Delegate to keep our streets safe, help our students, families, and small businesses thrive, and always put Fredericksburg first.

I hope you will join me.